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Fire Shutters

Portman Doors Ltd North West Industrial Fire Shutters

Our three types of Fire Shutter, all manufactured in compliance with and CE marked to BS EN 16034, offer the peace of mind you need when purchasing equipment to be relied upon in an emergency.

Tubular Motor Shutters are designed with economizing space in mind, with sizes as small as 600 x 600mm available.

Gravity Fail-Safe Tubular Motor Shutters differ from other tubular motor shutters via the inclusion of a 24DC volt brake which ensures the door still descends to a safe, closed position in the event tat the door loses power.

Inline (External Motor) Shutters have chain driven motors externally fitted to the coil casing. Utilised mainly for larger applications, these shutters require no power to activate in the event of fire due to the thermal fusible link trigger which will cause a controlled descent on triggering in the event of a fire.


Additional Components Available alongside our Fire Shutters:

FDCP PANEL – A larger Audio Visual Panel accompanied with 102dB sounder, power closing, delay timer and two stage drop settings.

CP LITE PANEL – When triggered, an Audio Visual Warning accompanied with 90dB Sounder. This is a low voltage control circuit with a delay timer.

REPEATER PANEL – A Repeater panel can be used for the adjacent wall to act as a second Audio Visual warning.

EASY-FIT PANEL – This is a basic control panel that allows for connection to the fire alarm, will trigger powered decent when activated.

MOTOR BOX – This is only used for external fire motors. This box covers the motor for aesthetic purposes.

BATTERY BACK-UP – We offer standard and sleep mode battery backup units, these allow for a controlled power decent in the event of a power failure.

SMOKE DETECTOR – Connected to the alarm system and fire shutter, this device will trigger both upon detecting smoke.

HEAT DETECTOR – For escape routes only, a heat detector would trigger the shutter to descend and not the fire alarm signal, allowing evacuation of the building before triggering the closure of the shutter.

EMERGENCY BUTTON – Emergency break glass push button that can be connected to the fire alarm system.

POWDER COATING – We offer powder coating to all British Standards and RAL colours.

Portman Doors Ltd North West Industrial Fire Shutters
Portman Doors Ltd North West Industrial Fire Shutters

Of the three fire shutter types for you to choose from, it should be noted that there are additional components available for each. If you’re after a particular specification of fire shutter or have any other queries, our team and surveyor will be happy to go through the whole process step by step as part of your free quotation process.